There’s just a few things you need to do to get ready for your upcoming sturgeon fishing trip with us. The most important is to make sure you know where our guides are going to meet you the day of your trip!  We have three different meeting points on the Fraser River, it is super important you read your reservation confirmation email to know exactly which location your trip has been booked for. If you have any questions please let us know, but below are maps to our meet locations and all the other info you’ll need to prep for your big day of sturgeon fishing!

To ensure the safest experience for our valued guests and staff we are following and exceeding guidelines set out by the Province of British Columbia. Here are steps we are taking and some requests to our guests while on their trip.
  • Fishing gear is sanitized after each trip.
  • Waders used will be sanitized and rotated.
  • No handshaking on meeting and no hugging, no matter how much you love your guide
  • We will be meeting guests at designated boat launches and will no longer provide transportation.
  • Guides will wear non-medical masks when in closer contact.
  • Consciousness effort to maintain safe distance while guiding.
  • BBQ Lunches on day trips will no longer be available, sorry.
For Our Guests…
Thank you for your understanding and working with us during this unprecedented time. We ask our guests to not fish with us if showing signs of illness. Please respect social distancing as much as possible and if you would like to leave a gratuity for your guide please ensure it is in an envelope. If you have any concerns or questions prior to your trip please don’t hesitate to contact us.


If you are fishing on our Chilliwack Sturgeon Trip you will be meeting our guide at Island 22 Regional Park boat launch in Chilliwack BC. If you are inputting the meet location into your own GPS then the address is 45645-45683 Cartmell Road, Chilliwack, BC V2P 0C8 or you can simply search Island 22 Regional Park. Give yourself 1.5 hours drive time from Vancouver. Once at the park there is ample parking right at the boat launch. Your guide’s contact information will be on your reservation confirmation email and you can call or text them upon arrival to meet you. If you are running late, no problem, our guides will never leave without hearing from you. Please note there are multiple trips leaving daily from this location with a variety of guiding operations. Make sure you meet your assigned guide, and that they are guiding your group through Chromer Sport Fishing.


We have two boat launch meet locations for our Remote Canyon Sturgeon Trip. This map and information is if you are booked to meet our guide in the town of Hope, British Columbia. If you are inputting the meet location  into your own GPS then the closest address is 274 Rupert Street, Hope, BC. If you are driving from Vancouver, you’ll want to give yourself 1.5-2 hours drive time. Your guide’s contact information is on your reservation confirmation email should you need to get a hold of him the morning of your trip. If you are running late, no problem, your guide will never leave without hearing from you. Please note that this is a difficult boat launch for our guide and please allow them time to launch the boat in a safe manner. You will find parking near the main road, please do not park in the boat launch area, this is reserved for trucks and boat trailers.


This is our second location for our Remote Canyon Sturgeon Trip. You will be meeting your guide near the town of Agassiz, British Columbia at the Gill Road Boat Launch. We use this location on occasion as it offers our guides access to a unique section of river where few boats ever venture! If you are driving from Vancouver, you’ll want to give yourself 1.5-2 hours drive time. Your guide’s contact information is on your reservation confirmation email should you need to get a hold of him the morning of your trip. If you are running late, no problem, your guide will never leave without hearing from you.


Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions about a sturgeon trip. We’ll always try to get back to you asap if you have other questions, but keep in mind during our busy season, we are often on the water, so this list will help with anything you’re curious about.

How much time will it take to drive from Vancouver?
You should give yourself 1.5 hours driving time to Chilliwack and 2.0 hours driving time to Hope.  Generally in the mornings there is light traffic, but it’s a good idea to give yourself ample time so not to be rushed. Driving instructions are below to both our locations.
Where will my guide meet me?
That will be determined by your reservation confirmation.  Please read your email reservation confirmation carefully so you know where to be the morning of your trip! Each trip we organize is different, leaving from different boat launch locations and different hotel meeting points. Often there will be more than one guide at a location, so ensure they are your guide (sounds simple but we’ve had mixups!) and that they are guiding your group booked through Chromer Sport Fishing.
What is tipping procedure for our guide?
A gratuity for your guide is not included in the price of the trip. It is general practice in North America to tip your fishing guide, granted they have done a good job on your day. Standard tip is anywhere between $100-$150 per day. If you feel your guide went above and beyond, then you can adjust that amount. We have an incredible group of guides, the best on the Fraser River, who all work incredibly hard to make sure you have a great day gratuities are always very much appreciated.
What happens if my trip is cancelled?
Trips cancelled due to river or weather conditions are 100% refunded. On occasion, river and/or weather conditions cause a trip to be cancelled, this is a rare occurrence, generally most common in the the months of May and June, as river levels are at their highest at this point. If for some reason your trip is in jeopardy, we will be in contact with you. If you need to cancel your trip for any reason, we offer a full refund 14 days prior to trip start date.
Are waders available for use?
Waders are available for you if you’d like to get into the water with one of the sturgeon and get your photo taken. Bigger sturgeon are often landed on a beach from the boat, this allows for proper fish handling techniques and for photo opportunities.
What happens if I don't have a great trip?
If for some reason your trip was not up to your expectations please contact our office via email so we can see what we can do to make it right. Over the many years we’ve offered sturgeon trips this has been nearly a non existent issue. We have experienced friendly guides that run top of the line boats and gear and who will always work their hardest to make sure you have the best possible chance at catching fish!  At the same time it is fishing, there are variables and there are no guarantees. Please understand this as you enjoy your trip with us.
What should I do if my trip was awesome?!
Please let us know, we love to hear from all our clients about their experience. Feel free to send us an email, make sure you include your guides name and the trip you were on, so we can pass on the positive words to them as well.  Most importantly, if you have a good trip, please leave us a positive Chromer Sport Fishing Trip Advisor review, their is nothing more valuable you can do for a small business like ours!
Are food and drinks included?
On our Remote Canyon trips lunch is included. On our Chiliwack trips lunch is not included. You are welcome to bring whatever drinks and food you’d like on either trip.
Do I need a printed fishing licenses or can I have it on my phone?
It is mandatory you have a printed and signed copy of your fishing license with you for your day. Instructions and link to purchasing your license is below. The river is patrolled regularly by Conservation Officers, who check licenses, and guides will not depart for the trip if you do not have the proper paperwork with you.


All anglers need a British Columbia Freshwater Fishing License to fish with us. Licenses must be purchased online prior to your trip and be printed, signed and with you the day of fishing. If you have a member in your group under 16 years of age their license is free but still needs to be completed through E-License website. You also need to include a White Sturgeon Conservation License, this is very important!  To purchase your license online visit the BC Freshwater Fishing License website here, then click the ‘Buy a Freshwater License’ button to register.



We suggest taking a look at the weather prior to your trip and dressing accordingly. Fraser Valley weather is variable, a windproof jacket and some lightweight layers are key to staying comfortable on the water. There is plenty of space for a carry bag so bringing some extra clothes is not a problem. All boats have coolers onboard and you are welcome to bring food and drinks, including adult beverages for your day on the water. A BBQ lunch is included in our Remote Canyon trips, but not on our Chilliwack trips. Don’t forget your sunglass, camera, sunscreen and brimmed hat.


If you’re staying in Vancouver and require hotel accommodations we can get you booked into the Granville Island Hotel at our preferred rate, saving you money! Even if you’re just fishing a day with us, but are looking for nice accommodations vacationing in Vancouver, we can still offer you our unbeatable rates.  Have a look a the Granville Island Hotel website and then contact us with dates and required rooms and we’ll let you know our pricing.

Thank you!

Thank you for planning your BC sturgeon trip with us, we appreciate your business. If there is anything we can do to make your trip better please let us know. After fishing I’ll follow up and will be requesting a  Trip Advisor review, it helps a small business like ours more than anything, so we hope you’ll consider doing that for us. Enjoy your time on the water, thanks again!
Yos Gladstone

Owner | Operator | Licensed Guide

BC fishing Guide Yos Gladstone