There are plenty of BC fishing lodges to choose from if you’re looking for a saltwater salmon trip. What we do is narrow it down to the best possible options, making sure you get prime dates and fish at the best BC fishing lodges on the coast! If you’re looking for a seriously good BC salmon fishing trip at the best time at the best pricing, then check out our lineup of BC fishing lodges below.

Every year we have thousands of people like you plan their BC salmon fishing trip with the help of our services. Below you’ll find only the best BC fishing lodges offering incredible packages, each one hand picked by my crew and I. We want you to have a great salmon fishing trip to BC, so check out our partnered lodges below, and click on the tabs above the listings to narrow down your search even more. Below the listings is more info to help plan your BC salmon fishing trip, cheers!

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The great thing about planning a BC fishing trip is you have lots and lodges of options, that can also make it tough! That’s where we come in, the BC fishing lodges you see listed here with us are the best on the coast and they’re hand picked to be listed on our site. So that’s s start, hopefully pointing you in the right direction of finding a BC fishing lodge that suits you. The other factors are largely based on budget, availability and your timing. Finding a BC fishing lodge that fits your budget is key and we can help with that. Luxury lodges like Langara Island Lodge and Queen Charlotte Lodge are on the high end of pricing, but also offer premium experiences. Those lodges offer trips in the $5000-$7000 CAD range. If you’re looking for something in the mid range then there are lodges of BC fishing lodges in the $3500-$4500 CAD range, including Escott Sport Fishing, one of our most recommended BC salmon fishing trips. Be careful when shopping around for a bargain salmon fishing trip in BC, many of those trips are frankly subpar, or have extra charges added on or are in the far ends of the shoulder seasons. If you are looking for a BC fishing lodge that is of great value, and doesn’t neglect quality, the packages at Vancouver Island Lodge are very popular. Remember you don’t want to make your entire decision based on budget. Make sure you find a BC fishing lodge that suits you and your group well. If people in your group get seasick then you don’t want to go somewhere where there are long runs to the fishing grounds or big swells. If you enjoy gourmet dining on vacation, then make sure to choose a lodge that offers top level food and service. If you have time constraints or connecting flights make sure you choose a fishing lodge that works to that schedule as all the BC fishing lodges have different schedules and dates. No point in finding a cheap fishing trip if it doesn’t bring the things that are important for you to have a great time.


British Columbia enjoys a long salmon fishing season, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some times that are better than others. Most of the all-inclusive BC fishing lodges in Haida Gwaii (northern BC coast) start operations in early May and run through mid September. Early season fishing in Haida Gwaii focuses mainly on chinook (king) salmon, while the later season dates of September are mainly coho (silver) salmon fishing, with a mix of chinooks. June, July & August are a mix of all 5 species of Pacific salmon in Haida Gwaii, you really can’t go wrong with any of those months. The BC fishing lodges on the central coast of British Columbia generally have a shorter season, from late June to early September. Lodges in this region tend to to see their best salmon fishing in July and August. If you’re looking for a salmon fishing trip on Vancouver Island or southern BC, then the season vary from location to location. Keep in mind, the BC fishing lodges we represent are the best out there and prime dates book up early, so if you’re shopping around and are offered some prime dates they usually don’t last, so not a bad idea to plan early to make sure you get the best possible trip.

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