On this page you’ll find information on when the best times for fishing in BC are. We’ve broken down our fishing year into each seasons and months. In other words, this page gives you all the information for prime fishing dates all year in British Columbia.
This is one of our most visited pages on our website, because we made it useful for everyone. You’ll find overview of Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring fishing in British Columbia below, and you can go further with our monthly BC fishing reports. Once you’ve got an idea of what’s available, drop me an email or call our toll free and we’ll be happy to help you start planning your next BC fishing trip.
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Summer is a great time to visit British Columbia, with nice weather and lots and lots of fantastic angling opportunities! The Summer season in British Columbia begins in June and carried through until September. During this time you’ll find the best fishing times for saltwater salmon fishing trips and some unique freshwater fishing experiences throughout the province.

Saltwater Fishing

If you’re looking for a saltwater salmon fishing trip then Summer months will give you the best fishing. The BC coast covers a massive expanse of areas with a variety of different saltwater salmon fishing choices. You can choose from a day charter, we offer those (even ones right from Vancouver) or if you’re looking for an all-inclusive trip, then there’s some fantastic salmon fishing lodges operating on BC’s coast. The lodge we guide at and facilitate bookings for is Langara Island Lodge, BC’s premier saltwater fishing lodge, but there are other options as well, you can see them here.

Freshwater Fishing

On the freshwater front there are ample opportunities for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon and trout fishing through the Summer months, generally starting in July and carrying through the Summer and into the Fall. The easiest and most affordable freshwater Summer fishing trips in BC take place near Vancouver, where you have Vancouver fly fishing opportunities, guided trips in Whistler and unreal sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River. We offer all these trips in day trips and packages.
If you’re looking for a more involved or all-inclusive freshwater fishing package you’ll want to look at the world class salmon and steelhead fishing offered in northern BC.  Small towns are and wild fisheries are quite easily accessed by flights from Vancouver and rivers like the Skeena River or the Dean River, will give you the wildest adventures and the absolute best Summer fishing in BC!
Keep in mind Summer is our busiest season and trips book up early. If you’re looking for a Summer fishing trip in BC, use our contact page or give us a call toll free 1-877-902-3393.
There are no shortage of Fall fishing opportunities in British Columbia. The Fall months of September, October and November offer a variety of BC fishing options. In addition, this is prime time for freshwater salmon and steelhead fishing.
The easiest and most affordable BC fishing trips in the Fall are all based around the Vancouver area. Above all, these offer some fantastic fishing and cut down on travel, saving you money. The most popular Fall fishing trip close to Vancouver is our British Columbia Fall Salmon Packages, these give you the opportunity to fish for wild salmon on the coast rivers near Vancouver. Fraser River sturgeon fishing is also a great Fall option and a uniquely British Columbia fishing experience, putting you into spectacular fishing 90 minutes from Vancouver!

Fall Steelhead

If you’re a serious angler then you know Fall is steelhead season in British Columbia. There are two runs of steelhead in BC; summer-run steelhead and winter-run steelhead. September and October are prime months for summer-run steelhead fishing in northern British Columbia, mainly on the Skeena River system and its tributaries. As a matter of fact, if you want to plan a first class BC steelhead fishing trip, then we’re your guys. We have prime dates at all the best lodges and local BC steelhead insight that can’t be beat. You can see all our Fall BC steelhead trips or check out a few of our favourites, including the Skeena, Bulkley & Babine.

Fall Salmon

If you’re looking for a saltwater fishing trip in BC during you’ll want to aim for September. September is the last good month for saltwater fishing in BC, as the majority of salmon have migrated into rivers by mid October. The best option for a fun saltwater salmon fishing trip in September is our Vancouver salmon fishing charters, leaving right from downtown Vancouver.
Fall months book up earlier than you think, especially if you’re looking for a Fall steelhead fishing trip. If you’d like to fish in BC in September, October or November, feel free to inquire via our contact page or give us a call toll free 1-877-902-3393.
There are some decent fishing options in BC through the Winter months, granted you can handle the varying weather.

Setting Expectations

It’s most important to remember that most of BC has very cold conditions throughout the Winter months. The exception being, the area around Vancouver and Vancouver Island. What does cold temperatures do to fishing? Above all, snow and ice inhibit where you can go fishing and also put freshwater fish into their most dormant stage of their year. However, the Vancouver area always offers year-round saltwater and freshwater fishing trip opportunities. In addition, Vancouver Island also enjoys some milder weather than BC’s north or interior regions and can offer some good Winter fishing.
The most popular BC fishing trips in the Winter are our saltwater salmon charter from Vancouver and our Winter fly fishing trips targeting wild bull trout. Winter salmon fishing charters focus on targeting chinook (king) salmon in local waters near Vancouver and in Howe Sound. Some great crabbing and prawning in the Winter as well! On the freshwater fishing front you have fly fishing for bull trout and rainbow trout on the rivers of BC’s southern coast. These resident fish will feed through the Winter months on the remnants of the Fall salmon runs, fattening up on the eggs and flesh of spawned salmon.
If you’re in search of the most adventurous Winter fishing trips in BC you’ll want to focus on planning a trip to Vancouver Island. There is an early run of winter steelhead on some of Vancouver Island’s rivers. The islands of Haida Gwaii also offer some Winter steelhead fishing opportunities. However, this is also a trip we only recommend for the most hardcore anglers. One must be willing to brave the elements in hopes of Winter glory!
In conclusion, there are options for Winter fishing in BC, but they are limited. It is best to contact us to chat about a trip, as they are variable and differ throughout the province.
The Spring months of March, April & May offer a variety of excellent freshwater & saltwater opportunities throughout British Columbia. For instance, you can catch steelhead in BC’s north and south regions. You can also enjoy really consistent saltwater salmon fishing and a variety of other cool trips!
By March, most of British Columbia is moving into early Spring, snow and cold weather is dissipating. This makes way for warmer (and sometimes wetter) spring like condition. On BC’s south coast, March is the beginning of our Spring steelhead season and saltwater salmon charters become consistent. Fishing trips around Vancouver are the easiest British Columbia fishing options. For instance, they include saltwater salmon charters, guided fly fishing trips and sturgeon fishing.

Spring Freshwater Fishing

April is a favourite month, weather conditions are considerably nicer and we lots of cool fishing options. April is usually the best month to target winter-run steelhead, either on BC’s south coast or on the Skeena River in BC’s north. These are magnificent fish and definitely one of the favourite trips to be a part of for our guide crew. April also opens up some more saltwater fishing trips in BC and by May almost all of British Columbia’s salmon lodge operators are open.

Spring Saltwater Fishing

May is the kick off of Summer salmon fishing season on British Columbia’s coast. For instance, in mid May many of the fly-in fishing lodges on BC’s northern coast and Haida Gwaii region begin operation. This is a great time for a BC salmon fishing trip, with a focus on hard fighting chinook salmon. On British Columbia’s south coast, some of the best salmon fishing is often in May. May also marks the end of some of our Spring river fishing, as warmer temperatures are now rapidly melting the Winter’s snowpack. By mid May most rivers become too high for a quality experience. If you want the best river fishing, aim for an April trip, when high water events are less likely.
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