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If you’re looking for a summer fishing trip in British Columbia there are a pile of excellent options that will put you into some of the best saltwater and freshwater fishing found anywhere in the world. Much of the summer fishing in BC is focused on saltwater salmon fishing, to which we offer a variety of different trips with our network of lodges and charters. You can choose a day charter from locations in Vancouver or Vancouver Island, or opt for an all-inclusive BC salmon fishing package at one of our fly-in destinations! On the freshwater fishing front, there’s excellent sturgeon fishing all summer on the Fraser River, you can swing flies for salmon starting in August or you can find very good trout fishing on alpine lakes and mountain streams. Lots of great stuff to do, so if you’re looking for the best summer fishing BC has to offer, get a hold of us on the contact form below and we’ll be happy to send you some ideas. Photos  below link to corresponding summer fishing trips in BC…

There’s no lack of fishing options for the Fall months in British Columbia. We have a ton of different stuff going on, with the majority of the Fall fishing focused on freshwater salmon and steelhead trips. One of the most well-known fisheries in BC happens during the late Summer and Fall months, that’s the steelhead runs in northern British Columbia’s Skeena region. Fall is also when we see the best river fishing for salmon, as fish move from the ocean to their home rivers to spawn. Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River remains strong into October and November and lake fishing picks up again as water temperatures drop and trout begin to feed before winter. Lots of great Fall fishing options. Click on the pics below to explore some of our best BC fishing options for the Fall months…

If you’re visit British Columbia during the winter months and looking for some winter fishing ideas the options are a bit limited. Much of the success of fishing in the winter definitely has to do with weather conditions. British Columbia encompasses a massive area and weather and conditions to change dramatically throughout the province.  Winter on the coast is generally cool and wet and as you move inland conditions become cold and dry.  Most of the Winter fishing in BC is done on the southern coast, in the area around Vancouver and on Vancouver Island.  Freshwater river fishing focusses on trout and winter-run steelhead, while saltwater fishing is mainly targeting chinook (king) salmon. If you’re on a ski trip to BC and visiting Whistler, there’s some winter fishing options there as well. Click on the pics below to the corresponding trip or make an inquiry for more info…

Oh we love Spring fishing in BC, finally Winter is over and everything comes alive all throughout the province. If you’re looking for a Spring fishing trip in British Columbia there are lots and lots of options. The lakes of BC’s interior have excellent stillwater trout fishing after the ice comes off.  Rivers are on the rise after being at their lowest points during the cold winter, and this brings in steelhead from the ocean and gets trout on the move, April is prime time for our BC fly fishing trips out of Vancouver. Spring is also when we start seeing the influx of salmon coming off of open ocean to feed.  The south coast of BC will have consistent salmon fishing starting in March and the north coast of BC has some epic chinook (king) salmon fishing starting in mid May. Other salmon species start showing up a bit later. If you’re looking for a package trip in the Spring then our Skeena River packages are a great option, putting you on the hunt for early season steelhead on the Skeena. Click on the photos below to the corresponding BC Spring fishing trip…

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