With lots of options out there we’re here to help you out, narrow down some of the choices and get you acquainted with salmon fishing in BC, what’s hot, what’s not and where you should focus your next trip. We hope this helps you plan your next BC salmon fishing trip.

We’re here for one good reason, to narrow down the best salmon fishing trips and make sure you get the experience you’re looking for at the price that suits you, it’s just that simple! In terms of options, there are three routes you can go to get into some excellent salmon and halibut fishing. The first is our various fly-in fishing lodges, these are all-inclusive packages, with set dates. The second is our drive-to locations on Vancouver Island, these are not all-inclusive but we can combine fishing with accommodations and dates are flexible. The third option, the easiest and most affordable, that will still put you into very good fishing with no travel are our Vancouver salmon charters. More information on each option below…

Yos Gladstone

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These are all-inclusive packages to the northern coast of BC, that include flights from Vancouver, days of guided fishing, meals and lodge style accommodations. These trips will put you into the best salmon fishing BC has to offer, in true wilderness surroundings. Dates are set, meaning each week there are arrival and departure days, and trips are offered from late May to mid September. I guide full-time at Langara Island Lodge, long recognized as the premier saltwater lodge destination in British Columbia, here we offer four-day and a five-day packages. Haida Gwaii West is another recommended all-inclusive package we offer, combining top value and excellent fishing. There is an enormous difference in lodges and packages, if you have been offered some options make sure you do your research as there are some destinations that aren’t always what they seem to be. Here’s a few pros and cons of going the fly-in all inclusive route…


  • All-inclusive packages combine everything you need for a trip, including flights from Vancouver, fishing, meals & accommodation.
  • Fishing is good all season long, with most fly-in BC salmon fishing lodges operating from late May to early September.
  • Lodges pack and fillet fish for transportation home and further processing like smoking/canning is always available.
  • They don’t fit all budgets, most all inclusive trips start at about $3500 per person for the package.
  • Most packages have set dates when you fly in and fly out, so not as flexible if you’re on a time constraint.

If you’d like a more flexible inexpensive option then we have several drive-to locations on Vancouver Island that will put you into some very good salmon and halibut fishing. Our top two locations on Vancouver Island are Tofino, on the central west coast, and Port Hardy on the northern tip. You can drive to both from Vancouver, driving time is 5-7 hours, or you can fly. These are good options if you’re on a family trip or wanting some other activities besides fishing. Keep in mind, if you’re deciding between a drive-to location and a fly-in location, you will need your own transportation to access Vancouver Island, and there are additional costs to the trip, like meals, fish packaging, etc, which sometimes add up. If you want the most economical BC salmon fishing trip with no travel hassles then our Vancouver salmon packages will put you into surprisingly affordable and good fishing all season long! Here’s some pros and cons of our drive-in BC salmon locations…


  • We customize each of these BC salmon fishing trips, including guided fishing and accommodations.
  • Don’t need accommodations, that’s not a problem, we can get you hooked up with our network of top BC salmon fishing guides.
  • Best option if you’re on a tighter budget and don’t want an all-inclusive packages.
  • Travel is required, you’ll be required to travel by car and ferry from Vancouver, that can add a day or two to your trip that isn’t spent fishing.
  • Extra costs like fish packaging, travel, ferry fees, meals, etc can add up and sometimes even out to an all-inclusive price.

Planning a cool salmon fishing trip to BC isn’t that difficult, but there are a few things to keep in mind regardless if you decide on an all-inclusive lodge package or a drive-in destination. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when planning your trip.

Timing your trip. For prime salmon fishing dates you’re going to want to plan on being in British Columbia between late May and mid September. This is summer on the coast and definitely the timeframe in which you want to be here to maximize your fishing success. Generally the season starts earlier on the north coast and Haida Gwaii, where the fly-in lodges are located. This season starts in late May and June is usually an excellent month for fresh off open ocean chinook (king) salmon. If you’re looking at a fly-in lodge anytime from early June to early September will offer you primetime fishing. The south coast of BC and Vancouver Island usually starts seeing the best fishing starting in early July, through to late September. If you’re planning on finding a drive-in destination then we’d suggest planning your trip for either July, August or September.

Fishing with the right guides. Why travel all this way just to go fishing with a guide who you don’t know. All the guides we represent are the best on the BC coast. Chromer Sport Fishing really does have the coast covered, making sure when you book your trip with us you get hooked up with the most experienced salmon fishing guides coast wide. Now, not to take away from some operations, but there are lodges out there with huge guiding staffs made up of inexperienced rookie guides. Make sure you know who you’re fishing with, it will spell success while on the water.

Always ask this… How far to the fishing grounds? Simple question but could be a big factor in how your trip goes. At Langara Island we have a 5-15 minute run and we’re fishing, that is a huge factor why Langara is such a wonderful place to come fishing. Most lodges have a 45+ minute run before ever putting gear into the water. Keep that in mind when you’re researching your trip, a long run is no fun and people prone to seasickness might be fishing in unprotected waters. If you’re curious about how long the run time is and what the ocean conditions are of the destinations we represent just ask, we’ll give you the run down on it all.

When you come to British Columbia you can also expect some great halibut fishing if you feel like including that into your time on the water. Almost all the destinations we represent offer halibut fishing, with the exception of our Vancouver based salmon trips (there’s just no halibut in the area) and our Campbell River trips that also don’t have halibut in any targetable numbers. If you’re looking for the best possible halibut fishing they put your sights to Haida Gwaii West for a fly-in package or Tofino on Vancouver Island for a drive-in package. As of the 2015 season you can keep one (1) halibut per day and have a total of two (2) possession. This means you can go home with a maximum of two (2) halibut. There are slot limits for halibut in BC, you can keep one halibut over 90 cm but no greater than 133 cm and you can keep one halibut under 90 cm. Poundage wise that would be about a 65 pound halibut and a 12 pound halibut. The slot limits are subject to change and are put in place by the Federal Government of Canada. Fishing for halibut is one of the big draws of why many folks come to the British Columbia coast and they can be a lot of fun to catch, big halibut cork over rods and pump out line! You can also have a look at our blog on The Six Most Asked Halibut Questions We Get.

There really isn’t anything better than fresh wild fish on the BBQ, something you’ll be going home with when you come saltwater fishing in BC. You can keep a total of four (4) salmon per day and have a total possession limit of eight (8) salmon, of which four (4) can be chinook/king salmon. This is a huge bonus to fishing in British Columbia over anywhere else, healthy limits of fish. All the lodge packages include fishing freezing, vacuum packing and boxing for transport. Our drive-to destinations don’t include it but as an added service it can easily be arranged at the local seafood processors in each small coastal town. Some even offer canning and smoking. You can also have your fish sent to St. Jeans Cannery, the largest smokehouse/cannery in BC and they will ship it directly to your home. If you are travelling to the United States you can bring sport caught fish across the border, fresh or frozen without issue.

“The Chromer Team is great to deal with making everything easy and enjoyable, from booking right through to getting your catch back to the mainland. I would not deal with anyone else for this type of trip, there is no one better.”

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“Went to Langara Island Lodge the first week of August, and booked thru Yos at Chromer Sport Fishing. We had an outstanding trip, and if you ever going to Langara, booking thru Yos is definitely the way to go. He looks after you from start to finish, and ensures you have a guide that meets your needs. There are no extra costs, only extra benefits. Will definitely be going back, and booking with Chromer.”

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