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Hi there, thanks for visiting our salmon page. There are lots of options when it comes to saltwater fishing in BC. We’re here to narrow down the best salmon fishing trips and make sure you get the experience you’re looking for at the price that suits you. In terms of fishing options, there are two  routes you can go to get into some excellent salmon and halibut fishing; all-inclusive lodges or guided day charters.  Lodges are the best option if you’re coming to BC specifically to go salmon fishing. Guided day charters are great if you’re just wanting to get out for a day and are the most affordable.
I’ve spent 20 years saltwater salmon guiding on BC coast and put this information together to help you get a BC salmon fishing trip planned that won’t disappoint.  Nowadays I guide at Langara Island Lodge, arguably the best saltwater salmon fishing destination on the Pacific, but there’s lots of other great options in BC. Below you’ll find options for the trip to give you the best salmon fishing in BC, thanks for the visit!
Yos Gladstone

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There are a number of fishing lodges on BC’s coast that offer all-inclusive packages. This usually means they include flights from Vancouver, guided fishing, accommodations and meals. These trips are the best option if you’re looking for a remote BC salmon fishing experience and the best possible fishing. It is also the best option if you’re looking for an easy getaway, with all aspects of your travel and fishing taken care of in one package. Lodges offering these packages usually have set fly-in and fly-out dates and pricing is usually based on group size or people per boat. If you’re shopping around for an all-inclusive BC salmon fishing lodge be aware there are many different levels of quality, fishing and service. Some are excellent, some are okay and there are a handful that are poor. There’s some major advantages of going the all-inclusive lodge route…

  • Best option if you’re looking for a multi-day trip and a real BC saltwater salmon fishing experience.
  • They’re easy to enjoy, combining everything in one package and one price.
  • You’ll get the best salmon fishing and most remote wilderness experience at these lodges.
  • Lodges will prepare your fish to take home and you can opt for sending fish to a cannery for smoking or processing.
The downside to the lodge program is they don’t fit all budgets, starting price for a 3-4 day trip is in the $3500+ CAD price range. I never hear anyone complain about the pricing, there is a lot put into each trip and overall the experience is well worth the price. I guide full-time at Langara Island Lodge, long recognized as the premier saltwater lodge destination in British Columbia, here we offer four-day and a five-day packages. Haida Gwaii is another recommended all-inclusive package we offer, combining top value and excellent fishing.

You came here looking for the best salmon fishing in BC, and without a doubt there’s not an area on the coast that offers the saltwater salmon fishing that Langara Island does. Langara Island is a small island on the northern tip of Haida Gwaii. Haida Gwaii is a larger set of islands off of BC’s northern coast.

Why is Langara Island such a hot spot for salmon fishing? Geographically it is the first major feeding station for most of BC’s salmon as they come off of open ocean. The rich waters teem with marine life, including thousands of tons of needlefish and herring, a salmon’s two favourite food sources. The fishing done at Langara Island is the old school style of weight and bait mooching fishing, the truly classic way to salmon fish on BC’s coast and definitely the most fun way to catch these spectacular fish!

Along with the best salmon fishing in BC, Langara Island also boast spectacular bottom fishing for halibut and a lodge that is world class. Langara Island Lodge will have you staying in ultimate comfort, with excellent facilities, first class accommodations, service and dining. It really is the ultimate in a BC salmon fishing trip.

If you’re interested in an all-inclusive BC salmon fishing package have a look at our Langara Island Lodge page or send us an email with preferred dates and group size and we’ll get back to you with seasonal availability and more information.



If you’re looking for the most flexible and affordable BC salmon fishing options then you’ll want to think about organizing a day trip charter with one of BC’s many charter operators. The best drive-to salmon fishing locations are generally on Vancouver Island, but there’s very good salmon fishing right from Vancouver, that will be your most affordable trip.
Almost all the small towns on Vancouver Island have salmon fishing charter operators, offering day trips to go salmon fishing and in some places halibut fishing. One Vancouver Island we offer charter trips to a few areas where you’ll find the best fishing, including Tofino on Vancouver Island’s central west coast, Port Hardy on Vancouver Island’s northern tip, Campbell River on Vancouver Island’s central east coast and Comox on southern Vancouver Island.
  • Charters are a great option if you’re looking for a single day on the water or not interested in a lodge package.
  • Our network of BC’s best charter operators will ensure you fish with the best guides.
  • Most small communities on BC’s coast and Vancouver Island have charter operators.
  • Best time for a BC salmon charter is May through September.
If you’re looking for a charter, be sure to check reviews and shop around, or contact us and we can give you our trusted lineup of the best BC salmon fishing charter companies. It’s important to remember that there are varying levels of guide experience, boat quality and service, and you want to make sure you’re fishing with the right guys.


Planning a cool salmon fishing trip to BC isn’t that difficult, but there are a few things to keep in mind regardless if you decide on an all-inclusive lodge package or a drive-in destination. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when planning your trip.

Timing your Trip

For prime salmon fishing dates you’re going to want to plan on being in British Columbia between late May and mid September. This is summer on the coast and definitely the timeframe in which you want to be here to maximize your fishing success. Generally the season starts earlier on the north coast and Haida Gwaii, where the fly-in lodges are located. This season starts in late May and June is usually an excellent month for fresh off open ocean chinook (king) salmon. If you’re looking at a fly-in lodge anytime from early June to early September will offer you primetime fishing. The south coast of BC and Vancouver Island usually starts seeing the best fishing starting in early July, through to late September. If you’re planning on finding a drive-in destination then we’d suggest planning your trip for either July, August or September.

Always Ask This..

How far to the fishing grounds? Simple question but could be a big factor in how your trip goes. At Langara Island we have a 5-15 minute run and we’re fishing, that is a huge factor why Langara is such a wonderful place to come fishing. Most lodges have a 45+ minute run before ever putting gear into the water. Keep that in mind when you’re researching your trip, a long run is no fun and people prone to seasickness might be fishing in unprotected waters. If you’re curious about how long the run time is and what the ocean conditions are of the destinations we represent just ask, we’ll give you the run down on it all.



We talk a lot about salmon fishing, but British Columbia also has some spectacular halibut fishing. If you’re looking for the best BC halibut fishing they put your sights to BC’s northern coast, Haida Gwaii or the west coast and northern tip of Vancouver Island. These areas will offer the best fishing for halibut and other ground fish.

You can currently can keep one (1) halibut per day and have a total of two (2) possession. This means you can go home with a maximum of two (2) halibut. There are slot limits for halibut in BC, these change from year to year, but usually include an ‘under’ and an ‘over’ halibut. The slot limits are subject to change and are put in place by the Federal Government of Canada.
If you’re shopping around for a saltwater fishing trip in British Columbia, ask about halibut fishing. It can be a huge bonus while fishing, giving you some wonderful white meat to take home. Fishing for halibut is one of the big draws of why many folks come to the British Columbia coast and they can be a lot of fun to catch, big halibut cork over rods and pump out line!

For more info on BC halibut fishing, have a look at our blog and the The Six Most Asked Halibut Questions We Get.

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