Boats are moored on Granville Island, minutes from downtown Vancouver. Please meet at 1814 Mast Tower Road on Granville Island. This is a small office steps from the boats.  Depending on your charter start time you will be met at the Bon Chovy Fishing Charters office by one of our guides or the office manager Nick. If you’re early they may be down at the boat getting things ready but will be there for your start time. If you need to get a hold of anyone on the day of fishing please call Nick at 604-362-7796.


Licenses must be purchased online prior to your trip and be printed, signed and with you the day of fishing. If you plan on keeping salmon you will need to include a Salmon Conservation Stamp. This can be included with the purchase of your license.
Langara Island Lodge


We suggest taking a look at the weather prior to your trip and dressing accordingly. Vancouver weather is variable, so bringing some extra clothes isn’t a bad idea and there is room on board for a bag. Feel free to bring whatever food, snacks and drinks you’d like onboard as well!


Granville Island is Vancouver’s most visited attraction. A lively public market, it is also home to artisans, shopping and some great restaurants. There’s also a  Children’s Market, lots of fun for all ages. Make sure you give it a visit after your charter with us.
To ensure the safest experience for our valued guests and staff we are following and exceeding guidelines set out by the Province of British Columbia. Here are steps we are taking and some requests to our guests while on their trip.
  • Fishing gear is sanitized after each trip.
  • High touch areas on boats, including washroom facilities will be sanitized after each charter.
  • Start times will be staggered so different groups who are fishing on the same day don’t need to be in contact.
  • Consciousness effort to maintain safe distance while guiding.
  • Guides will have masks to wear when appropriate.
  • Hand sanitization products onboard all boats.
For Our Guests…
Thank you for your understanding and working with us during this unprecedented time. We ask our guests to not fish with us if showing signs of illness. Please respect social distancing as much as possible and if you would like to leave a gratuity for your guide please ensure it is in an envelope.


Here are answers to all the most commonly asked questions we get about our salmon charters…

Can you help me buy my fishing license?
Fishing licenses can only be purchased online. There are no hard copy of licenses at the boats, so you must purchase a license online prior to you trip and print it off, yes it must be printed off!  Here is a YouTube tutorial another lodge made about buying a license.  There will be the opportunity to print a receipt and a copy of the license, make sure you bring the license with you, not the receipt :).  More info and a link to the British Columbia saltwater licensing website further down this page.
Will you contact me prior to my trip?
No we generally don’t contact anyone prior to their trip, unless there are some extenuating circumstances. Once you have booked you are all set, we have an extremely well organized booking process that will ensure your guide and boat are always ready. If you have not heard from us before your trip, don’t worry,  you’re booked in, cross checked on three calendars and everything will be good to go for your day of fishing!
What should we wear salmon fishing?
Best to look at the weather prior to your trip and dress accordingly. If you’re looking at dry warmer Summer conditions then a pair of shorts, runners, t-shirt, fleece/sweatshirt and light windbreaker will do the trick. If it looks like it is going to be a wetter cooler day, then a warm top, outdoor pants, with an under-layer, heavier socks and a rain jacket will be needed. A warm hat and gloves are nice as well.  Bringing extra clothes isn’t a problem, there’s plenty of space on board for a bag or two.  Other good things bring are sunglasses and a brimmed hat.
What are the catch limits?
As when this was written (2018) you can keep four (4) salmon per day per person.  Only two (2) of those salmon can be chinook (king) salmon. For example an angler can keep three pinks and one chinook, for a total of four salmon.
How can I take my fish home?
Sport caught fish can be moved across the USA border, or flown domestically within Canada without issue. If you would like to take fish home, keep in mind there are no charter business that offer shipping services, you will have to organize transporting your fish home on your own. You can purchase a styrofoam box near the boats to transport your fish. Our guides will fillet and bag your fish.  It is a good idea to contact your hotel beforehand and ask if they have freezer services, many hotels do, but some do not. If you would like to further process your fish, you will need to use a secondary cannery service, such as St. Jeans Cannery.
Should I be worried about getting sea sick?
No, we fish protected waters, and are rarely more than 1/2 mile offshore.  You’ll always see land and you’ll always be fishing protected waters. If you are especially prone to sea sickness we recommend taking a non-drowsy gravol the day before your trip or the morning of, this will help immensely, but it is rarely an issue.
Will any restaurants in Vancouver cook my catch?
Unfortunately not. Restaurants in Vancouver are not allowed to process or serve sport caught fish, we’ve asked many of them and all have said that they cannot.
What about dropping crab and prawn traps?
This is totally dependent on weather conditions, time of year and day itinerary. During the Winter & Spring months we have some good crabbing and prawning opportunities on our full-day charters. Dropping traps for either depends on if sea conditions are right and that we’ll be fishing in an area where we can  drop traps but also pick them up again at days end. Summer and Fall months do not lend themselves well to prawning and crabbing also usually slows down considerably.
What is tipping procedure for our guide?
A gratuity for your guide is not included in the price of the trip. It is general practice in North America to tip your fishing guide cash, granted they have done a good job on your day. Standard tip for a full-day tip is anywhere between $100-$150, for a half-day between $80-$120. If you feel your guide went above and beyond, then you can adjust that amount. We have an incredible group of guides, the best in Vancouver, who all work incredibly hard to make sure you have a great day gratuities are always very much appreciated.
What happens if I don't have a great trip?
If for some reason your trip was not up to your expectations please contact our office via email so we can see what we can do to make it right. Over the many years we’ve offered salmon charters this has been nearly a non existent issue. We have experienced friendly guides that run top of the line boats and gear and who will always work their hardest to make sure you have the best possible chance at catching fish!  At the same time it is fishing, there are variables and there are no guarantees. Sometimes the fishing is great, sometimes it’s okay and sometimes it’s downright tough.  That is the nature of the activity, there is some luck and gamble involved and we’ll do everything we can to ensure success, but the fish have to cooperate as well!  Please understand this as you enjoy your trip with us.
What should I do if I really enjoyed my salmon trip in Vancouver?
Please let us know, we love to hear from all our clients about their experience. Feel free to send us an email, make sure you include your guides name and the trip you were on, so we can pass on the positive words to them as well.  Most importantly, if you have a good trip, please leave us a positive Chromer Sport Fishing Trip Advisor review, their is nothing more valuable you can do for a small business like ours!
Are food and drinks included?
Food and drinks are not included, but you are welcome to bring whatever you’d like to drink and eat onboard.
What happens if my trip is cancelled?
Trips cancelled due to poor ocean or weather conditions are 100% refunded. On occasion, ocean and/or weather conditions cause a trip to be cancelled, this is a rare occurrence, generally most common issue is wind, making for unsafe sea conditions. If for some reason your trip is in jeopardy, we will be in contact with you. If you need to cancel your trip for any reason, we offer a full refund three (3) days prior to trip start date.


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