egg sucking bunny leech

Egg Sucking Bunny Leech Fly

A go to steelhead fly pattern in British Columbia, the articulated egg sucking bunny leech is a fish catching machine!

Easy to tie and affordable on materials, this version of the egg sucking leech fly looks great in the water. Tying articulated flies is easy, and in the video below you’ll see how to make your flies swim better and be more affordable to tie. The egg sucking bunny leech is a favourite fly for Fall steelhead in northern BC, and a guide favourite on the Bulkley River.

Below you’ll find our latest fly tying video for this version of the bunny leech fly. I tried to make the video to focus on handling materials with a few little personal tips I like to use when tying flies.

Here’s the articulated bunny leech fly tying video, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel or leave a comment on the video…

First off, the materials you’ll need to tie the “Egg Sucking Bunny Leech” steelhead fly include:

    • Blue thread 140
    • Mustad streamer hook (or shank)
    • Gamakatsu size 2 Octopus hook
    • P-Line or similar braided line
    • Black rabbit zonker strip
    • Flashabou or Polar Flash
    • Kingfisher Blue Schlappen
    • Orange or pink bead


egg sucking bunny leech


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egg sucking bunny leech

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Yos Gladstone is the owner operator of Chromer Sport Fishing, a guiding company and booking agency based in British Columbia, Canada. A full-time salmon & steelhead guide, Yos spends 200+ days a year on the water fishing, guiding and hosting trips.

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