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Finding the perfect steelhead fishing trip isn’t always easy. At Chromer we have compiled British Columbia’s top steelhead fishing trips and are proud to bring you the very best steelhead fishing guides and lodges in BC. Get prime steelhead dates and enjoy the seamless travel plans we personally organize for each of our guests. Here are our British Columbia steelhead fishing lodges and packages…


The ultimate steelhead package on the Bulkley River giving you unprecedented access not only to the Bulkley but also the remote headwaters of the Morice River. A week-long all-inclusive lodge package that can’t be beat!

Type of Trip:  All inclusive steelhead lodge
Starting Price: $6400
Available Dates:  Early September to early November
Rivers:  Bulkley / Morice
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Bulkley Remote River Camps

Choose from a four-day or six-day guided package on the remote Bulkley River canyon. Stay at exclusive river camps and explore over 50 miles of pristine steelhead water. These are amazing trips, only 8 offered per year!

Type of Trip:  All inclusive steelhead camps
Starting Price: $3950 – $5750
Available Dates:  Early September to mid October
Rivers:  Bulkley
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Steelhead don’t get any more chrome than the one’s found on the Dean River.  Our lodge on the Dean gives you unparalleled access to the lower stretches of the Dean River.  Early season Dean chinook salmon fishing packages also available.

Type of Trip:  All inclusive fly-in lodge
Starting Price: $7295
Available Dates:  Mid June to early September
Rivers:  Sections on the Lower Dean and Dean Canyon
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One of the hardest rivers in British Columbia to get prime steelhead dates on, the Babine has long been famed as one of the finest steelhead fisheries in the world. We have several exclusive spaces at the Babine Steelhead Lodge during prime weeks!

Type of Trip:  All inclusive steelhead lodge
Starting Price: $5600
Available Dates:  Early September to late October
Rivers:  Babine
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Skeena steelhead are known for their numbers and their size. If you’re looking for a 20+ pound trophy steelhead then our Skeena River Packages are for you.  Access not only the Skeena, but the Kalum River and other tributaries.

Type of Trip:  All inclusive steelhead lodge
Starting Price: $4150
Available Dates:  Full season from April to November
Rivers:  Skeena / Kalum / Copper
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Flexible all-inclusive steelhead and salmon trips in Terrace, BC. Choose from a week long package or a trip that suits your schedule and get out on the Skeena and Kalum rivers for some wild BC chrome!

Type of Trip:  All inclusive steelhead lodge
Starting Price: $5200
Available Dates:  Full season from April to November
Rivers:  Kalum / Skeena / Kitimat
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As remote as it gets, the Upper Nass River is home to big steelhead. Affordable week-long all-inclusive steelhead fishing packages that include heli flights from Terrace, six days of fishing and camp accommodations. Limited to four anglers per week.

Type of Trip:  All inclusive steelhead camp
Starting Price: $10,250
Available Dates:  Mid August to late October
Rivers:  Nass
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Here’s your chance to fish all the finest steelhead rivers in British Columbia on one all-inclusive totally exclusive package. We combo guided days on the most famous rivers with accommodation and transportation.

Type of Trip:  Exclusive Chromer steelhead adventure
Starting Price: $5900
Available Dates:  Late August to early November
Rivers:  Bulkley / Morice / Kalum / Skeena / Copper / Kispiox
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Join us this April for our Spey Improvement week on the Skeena River. A fully-guided and hosted Spring steelhead trip with two of the best casting instructors in Canada! We’re only do this once a year, limited to only five anglers.

Type of Trip:  Hosted all-inclusive steelhead lodge
Starting Price: $5400
Available Dates:  April
Rivers:  Kalum / Skeena
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An hour from Vancouver and you’ll be swinging flies to wild winter steelhead fresh off of open ocean. Packages that include transportation from Vancouver, accommodations and fully guided days of winter steelhead fishing!

Type of Trip:  Guided days with accommodation
Starting Price: $875
Available Dates:  Mid March to early May
Rivers:  Squamish / Cheakamus
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The Yakoun River, located in the remote Haida Gwaii region of British Columbia offers some of the finest winter-run steelhead fishing found anywhere. A waterfront lodge will be home while you explore with unique steelhead fishery.

Type of Trip:  All inclusive steelhead lodge
Starting Price: $4100
Available Dates:  Mid December to late March
Rivers:  Yakoun / Copper / Pallant
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Located on Vancouver Island, the Gold River is an excellent winter steelhead fishery.  Access is easy and our Gold River Packages are customized to suit you.  We’ve built these guided packages to suit to both fly and gear steelhead anglers.

Type of Trip:  Guided days with accommodation
Starting Price: $900
Available Dates:  Mid December to mid April
Rivers:  Gold / Salmon
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Vancouver Island’s northern region is home to a variety of wild rivers with healthy runs of winter steelhead.  These packages are suited for both gear and fly anglers looking for world-class steelhead fishing during the winter months.

Type of Trip:  Guided days with accommodation
Starting Price: $900
Available Dates:  Early January to late April
Rivers:  Nimpkish / Salmon
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