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Late January Vancouver Fishing Report

Here’s a little Vancouver fishing report update for late January 2020. Vancouver has had some wild weather over the last week, including high winds and lots of snow. Both have shaken up the local fishing options.  There’s not much else happening around the province at the moment, few other January BC fishing options.



Fly fishing on the local streams and rivers has been up and down with productivity due to cold, low and clear conditions. With the recent cold snap and fresh snow, fishing has slowed down. That doesn’t mean a fish won’t take your fly with the right presentation! This time of year we solely focus on trout fishing. Nymphs, sculpins, flesh patterns, bait fish and eggs have been the ticket. Having longer leaders and running fluro will up your chances of getting a grab or two.

This time of year we solely focus on trout fishing. Nymphs, sculpins, flesh patterns, bait fish and eggs have been the ticket. Having longer leaders and running fluro will up your chances of getting a grab or two.

When in doubt, I usually swing a sculpin in my favourite runs, as sculpin patterns will give you the greatest chance of hooking any fish that is willing to bite year round. Mixing up egg patterns can also help–as we push deeper into winter, the eggs become less translucent as they are fertilized or have died. Upcoming warmer temperatures and rain will help stir up the fish!

There has been a recent significant dump of snow within the Sea to Sky so make sure you are properly equipped to self rescue if venturing without reception. The valley has seen 2 to 3 feet of the white stuff, and it will be lingering around for a while until the rain and warmer temperatures melt the snow. With that being said, it is a great time to be out on the water. We run trips 365 days of the year, so if you have a day to burn, come out with the fellas for a great day out on the water! Continue to follow our blog posts on our BC Fishing Report Blog.

fishing report



Saltwater fishing has been good when the boats can get out. With the winter weather, the winds can be the biggest issue with getting out safely and comfortably. The winds will be sticking around for the next few days, so keep an eye out.

For this time of year, we are continuing to pursue the winter Chinook fishery as well as our prawning and crabbing opportunities. Remember to follow the regulations with closed areas and retention quotas!

Fishing for winter Chinook can be a great time to get out on the salt. These fish are feeding heavily in order to bulk up. Trolling small UV gear near the bottom and near drop offs with short leaders has been most productive. Over the last week there’s been a mix of legal fish, meaning fish we can keep, and undersized, ones we release. Hopefully we’re thought the worst of these south coast storms, the rest of January is looking pleasant.

Visit our Salmon Fishing Charters in Vancouver page for more info.e a look at pricing and get more info, then drop us a note, with preferred dates and we’ll get back to you and get you booked into a first class BC fishing trip that won’t break the bank!



On the Fraser River Sturgeon side of things, fishing has slowed down, mainly due to ice and snow in the Fraser River. The boats haven’t been out for a few days. We have been continuing to battle with the cold temperatures and it has proven to be a challenge. The forecast calls warmer temperatures, so that will definitely help get some fish moving! The key during this time of year is to find the fish that is willing to bite. If you find a group and nothing takes more than likely they won’t, time to move on. It can be a beautiful time to be on the river with the amount of wildlife throughout the valley. We have seen a great return of bald eagles to throughout the Fraser River valley.


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fishing report

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